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A wooden pallet is considered the optimal transportation container due to the following benefits: it is easy of use, affordable, reusable and eco-friendly. Pallets easily accommodate objects of different weight and size; they do not cause difficulties during loading and unloading operations and save space in warehouses.

Pallets that are used in the transportation of goods when exporting abroad must meet the current quality requirements. Here is a list of common pallet standards that are currently valid.

ISPM 15                                                                                                                       

This standard defines the main requirements for the quality of wooden containers. Thus, packaging materials must necessarily be cleaned of bark, pests and their moves, as well as be decontaminated in one of the possible ways. The ISPM 15 pallet standards involve heat treatment of wood, chamber drying and fumigation with metal bromide.

SS 9557-87

For Euro pallets with a stamp, size 800*1200*145 mm. A pallet of this type corresponds to the EUR standard and is marked with a stamp (the right-hand checkers of the pallet are marked with the EUR index in an oval), and is also marked by the manufacturer. The pallets of the European standard have a flooring of five alternating wide (145 mm) and narrow (100 mm) boards. The flooring is fixed on three transverse boards. At the base there are six checkers (80*100*145 mm) and three checkers (80*145*145 mm). The approach to the pallet is four-sided. This makes it easier to move with a forklift truck.

SS 9557-87

For pallets that do not have a stamp. The container is made of edged lumber according to the EUR standard. The flooring is made up of five alternating wide and narrow boards (145 and 100 mm), fixed on three transverse ones. At the base, the pallet is equipped with six checkers of the size of 80*100*145 mm and three checkers of the size 80*145*145 mm. The approach is also four-sided. This pallet standard allows for small cracks up to 120 mm, which are of natural origin, as well as a one-sided blunt wane. Rot, mold, chips, through cracks on the wood of the pallet cannot be accepted.

SS 9078-84

For pallets 800*1200*145 mm (Euro size). Pallets of this type are widely used as storage containers. Their flooring is assembled from six boards sized 20*100*1200 mm, has three transverse boards and nine checkers at the base. A four-sided approach is also provided for more comfortable transportation with a forklift truck. Pallet standards according to GOST 9078-84 allow cracks up to 300 mm, as well as one-sided blunt wane.

SS 9078-84

For pallets 1000*1200*145 mm. They are made of edged lumber and are made with the help of knurled or ruffled nails. The boarding has a thickness of about 22 mm and can consist of any number of boards. The length of the pallet cannot be more than 1200 mm, and the distance between the boards is within 60 mm. The dimensions of the transverse boards are 22*100*1000 mm, bottom boards 22*100*1200 mm. At the base there are nine checkers sized 78*100*100 mm.

A wooden pallet

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